Forgetting a name, misplacing keys, not staying focused more than 5 minutes, these slight memory and concentration disorders are not generally alarming. However, when these phenomena worsen, they can very quickly become a nuisance in your daily life.

The Stress Clinic helps you understand and manage your concentration and memory troubles. After a complete diagnosis, our team of healthcare professionals will offer you adequate treatment according to their origin.

What are the main causes of these disorders?


  • Hormonal diseases (thyroid, adrenal)
  • Cardiovascular, thromboembolic diseases
  • Neurological diseases (demyelination, Parkison’s disease, stroke)
  • Degenerative diseases (Nieman-pick’s dementia, forto-temporal dementia)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD

Assess the origin


In order to assess the origin of these definits, the Stress Clinic establishes:

  • a neurological assessment
  • a neuropsychological assessment
  • a psychiatric assessment

Once the cause of the problem has been detected, our psychiastrists will carry out the synthesis of all of the clinical information and provide support to the patient.

The treatments provided are tailored to the needs of each individual. In some cases, doctors will opt for cognitive-behavioral therapeutic means, while other cases will require pharmacological treatment conducted in full cooperation with you and your family doctor.

If your memory and concentration disorders prevent you from living a normal life, contact us for an initial diagnosis via our online form.

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